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  • 2012 Colliers International Statistics

    2012 Colliers International Annual Statistics

    22 Oct 2012

    Colliers International is a leader in global real estate services, defined by our spirit of enterprise.

    Watch a cityscape unfold as characters take you through a tour of our company's landscape--services, properties, awards and geographic reach.

  • Colliers International Careers

    Colliers International Careers - Join Our Team

    01 Aug 2012

    What is it like to work with Colliers International?

    Hear from our professionals around the world as they describe what distinguishes our team, how we work with clients and how we accelerate the success of our professionals. Go behind the scenes to see many of our offices worldwide and meet many of our service leaders.

  • Residential Projects

    Residential Project Marketing - Our Difference

    01 Jun 2012

    The Colliers International Project Marketing team help deliver the projects that deliver you the greatest returns.

    We approach every project from a “concept to keys” basis, considering everything from scoping and planning through to buyers taking possession of their new homes. While we assemble the best talents, utilise the best technologies and manage the financial imperatives we never lose focus on the end result.

  • A Players and Sustainable Business Sucess

    "A Players" and Sustainable Business Success

    01 May 2012

    Colliers International is creating sustainable business success through our focus on both commercial outcomes and cultural alignment.

    Join Doug Frye, Colliers International's Global President & CEO, to learn more about how we define "A Players" in our business and what our best people do differently than the competition.

    This video message also includes a special thanks to our team for their support of the Everyone Gives campaign. This represented an amazing collaboration among our people who shared a common vision and purpose to change the world—for good.

  • How Our Leaders Approach Service

    Behind The Scenes - How Our Leaders Approach Service

    01 Jan 2012

    What's the secret to service excellence? How can we create memorable client experiences?

    In this candid conversation with Colliers International's senior executives, we explore the facets of the customer experience and how we can raise the bar to create truly memorable experiences that exceed expectations.

  • How Our People Approach Service

    Behind The Scenes - How Our People Approach Service

    01 Jan 2012

    Everyone says they give great service - but few companies actually deliver.

    Go behind the scenes at Colliers International in candid interviews with more than a dozen Colliers professionals to learn how we approach service. This is how we create memorable experiences and accelerate our clients' success.

  • 2011 Colliers International Annual Global Statistics

    2011 Colliers International Annual Statistics

    11 Jul 2011

    2011 Colliers International Annual Statistics

  • Industrial Property Portfolio

    23 May 2011

    The definitive collection of Australian industrial and business space - Industrial Property Portfolio is a concentration of the best range of property opportunities for your growing business. Click here to find out more or search for your ideal property.

  • Sydney CBD Midtown Transformation

    Accelerating Success

    25 Feb 2011

    Accelerating Success

  • environmetrics


    22 Sep 2010

    With predictions for electricity, gas and water costs to double in the next few years, it is more important than ever to monitor and control energy and water use in your buildings. In partnership with CarbonSystems, Colliers International have developed a simple cost effective tool to help reduce your energy and water costs.